Damien Hirst - Wu Zetian


Damien Hirst - Wu Zetian


100cm x 100cm


Presenting 'Wu Zetian' a remarkable original print by the renowned artist Damien Hirst. Created in 2022 as part of the illustrious 'Empresses' series, this artwork pays homage to the legendary figure herself, capturing her essence in a truly captivating manner.

Measuring 100cm x 100cm, this laminated Giclée print on aluminium composite is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. Every intricate detail and vibrant colour is faithfully preserved, bringing the artwork to life with astonishing clarity and depth.

Adding a touch of brilliance, the print is meticulously screen printed with glitter, infusing the composition with a subtle yet enchanting sparkle. The interplay between light and glitter creates a mesmerizing visual effect that enhances the overall allure of the piece.

To ensure its authenticity, this original print bears Damien Hirst's signature verso, serving as a testament to its genuine origin. Limited to an exclusive edition of 3,315, 'Wu Zetian' represents a rare opportunity to own a coveted artwork from this iconic series.

Invite the captivating presence of 'Wu Zetian' into your collection and transform any space into an artistic sanctuary. Whether displayed in a gallery or cherished in the comfort of your home, this remarkable print is destined to evoke intrigue and admiration from all who encounter it.

2022 from the ‘Empresses’ Series (H10-1)
Laminated Giclée Print on Aluminium Composite
Screen Printed with Glitter
Signed Verso by Damien Hirst
Edition of 3,315
100cm x 100cm


‘The Empresses’ by Damien Hirst, a series of five glorious prints depicting carefully composed images of butterflies, published by HENI Editions.

The striking Empresses prints are constructed of beautiful images of red butterfly wings, which are intricately arranged with a filigree of red glitter to produce visually intoxicating kaleidoscope-like effects. The prints are named after five exceptionally influential female rulers: Wu Zetian, Nūr Jahān, Theodora, Suiko and Taytu Betul. Their characters and stories are enhanced by the dominant red tone of the series, which deals with themes such as life, war, power, anger, love, joy and luck.

Hirst introduced butterflies to his work over 20 years ago, at his first solo show In and Out of Love in 1991. The exhibition at the Woodstock Street Gallery in London was spread over two floors; upstairs, behind shelves with pots of flowers, Hirst had installed white canvases with pupae attached to them from which, during the show, live butterflies emerged.

Downstairs included a display of colourful canvases scattered randomly with butterflies. Butterflies have since become one of the key features of Hirst’s repertoire; aesthetically seductive, they epitomize the artist’s ongoing concern with key themes of human existence such as beauty and death, science and religion.

Framed and ready to hang


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